Field Trips

Our Appalachian backyard offers countless opportunities to review Paleozoic outcrops and tectonics styles.

Our stop localities can be customized to meet the training goals of your group.

Mudcracks in Ordovician Moccasin Limestone outcropping along US-58 between Clinchport and Gate City, Virginia.

Valley and Ridge topography developed along the Hunter Valley Fault zone near Duffield, Virginia. Well indurated, Cambrian aged sedimentary rocks hold up the linear ridges that define the hanging wall of the Hunter Valley Fault zone.

  Skolithos in Silurian Tuscarora Sandstone, near Stickley, Virginia.

Chepultepec Limestone near Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia.

West verging fold in thin to medium bedded Ben Hur Limestone, southwest of Pennington Gap, Virginia.

Soft sediment deformation in Pennsylvanian siltstone and shale.

Ohio Shale, Vanceburg, Kentucky.